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We specialise in the construction of building frames of residences – small apartments-investment properties.

The execution of a construction can include the prior demolition of an existing property or the excavation of soil for a basement, with or without the disposal of the soil. Depending on the scope, these activities will be carried out independently, using our own transport, equipment and personnel.

We have experience with specific foundation techniques, including precast concrete basements or the installation of concrete double walls, with or without insulation. Soldier-pile foundations and pile foundations are placed in collaboration with a specialised company.

Different types of swimming pools include: cemented with concrete blocks, step blocks, cast concrete walls or prefab walls, executed according to your exact specifications.

We have performed all types of building style, from classical to very modern.

We also take care of masonry work, using bricks or natural stone, smooth or with relief, or any series of combinations.

We create arches in brickwork or natural stone. One of our specialities is the invisible suspension of soldier courses, using an adapted system. Visible L profiles, coated in the RAL colour of the outside joinery work, give the residence that extra touch if there are no soldier courses.

Our building frame services also include the construction of ‘passive houses’, known as the ‘house of the future’.

One of the characteristics of a passive house is that it doesn’t consume over 15kWh/m² for heating and cooling, with reduced energy bills (or even no energy bills) as a result.

For the construction of these types of houses, a good collaboration between the architect and the contractor is a must as during the construction phase the details require a lot of attention. The main challenge for a passive house is getting the construction air tight and thermal bridge-free.

Thanks to our long-time experience, you can always count on reliable and expert work, as is needed for the construction of a passive house. Contact us for more information.

We attach great importance to collaboration and communication in order to achieve great results that eventually benefit the developer.

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